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1 March 2007 - on hiatus due to health issues. haven't been working on much lately but I've posted some old stuff in the player to give a sampling of what's been cookin' on the stove...

Track 1. An experimental record I've started working on with my boyfriend, Tom. He is super busy and chronically overbooked. So don't hold your breath on this one. It might be a while. This song is 100% Wurlitzer. If you are not sure what a Wurlitzer is, you really should check this link...

Track 2. LIVE recording with Elliott Harris. Elliott and I are working on an album right now. We recorded a couple tracks last year. But progress has been slowed by health drama. This was recorded sometime in summer 2006 at the Acadia Cafe in Minneapolis

Track 3. Here I'm singing backup for a couple really talented guys from the Bay Area. One of them lives very close to Vacaville (which is very I went to elementary school). Nobody has ever heard of Vacaville. Except these guys. And strangely, Elliott used to live there too. The world is small.

Track 4. This track is one of my very first recordings. (I am studying audio engineering as well. In fact, I used to live really close to an audio dealer. And I think I nearly drove Adam (one of the guys who worked there insane) on the day I attempted to record this by myself. I think I nearly drove myself insane too. It features Brooklyn's own Sarah Standard on violin.

Track 5. A demo of a song, Sharks. The live version with drums is the second song in track 2. Elliott and I are working on a much more rocked out version of this song for our record. I like that this version came out kinda creepy.

Track 6. Another demo of a song Elliott and I are working on. This is another early recording of mine, but who doesn't like Ray Charles?